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A review taken from Amazon for The Theft of the Black Diamond

Loved all these couldn’t put them down, just don’t think young people are the only ones these books will draw in . I’m classed as old and I’ve loved them all … and please want MORE !!!!!

Review for The Theft Of The Black Diamond the second title in The Amshir Legacy series from Beingamummy

A review taken from Amazon for The Golden Moonbeam

The Golden Moonbeam feels like it was actually written in a time of myths and small lands with mysterious borders and big adventures awaiting a few leagues beyond the doorstep. Just like Mole and Bilbo Baggins, Mailliw walks out of his front door and sets off on a dangerous journey so that he can save his sister from Silver Moonbeam sickness. Angela James has cleverly written her first novel in the language of the young but it was just as readable for me at 61. There were sections of the book that I had to read very quickly to try to escape the danger!

Her imagination is sublime, the ice monsters are a frighteningly real creation that will stop you ever walking on an ice covered lake again and the Sun and the Moon’s love story will become a fable in itself. Dragons, vampire cats, flying carpets, broomsticks and witches all create a magical panorama within which the young heroes and heroines weave their way to an ending which… no, you’ll have to read it!

The Golden Moonbeam – Has a 5* recommended personal and group reading review through New Books Magazine

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